Public asked to consider rural spaces for horse riding

Horse riding has been popular in Kinloch for many years, but there have recently been a lot of questions about where horses can be ridden in the lakeside settlement. Kinloch has seen a large growth in population recently, as well as a sharp increase in housing development across the community. This growth means there isn’t as much space to ride horses, and we need to ensure we are protecting our whenua and working together to look after what we value.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) supported by the Kinloch Community Association (KCA) and Taupo District Council have recently come together to ensure we can share the same messages with the community, especially around those who utilise the Whangamata Scenic Reserve for horse riding.

Several years ago, an informal bridle pathway was created within the Whangamata Scenic Reserve to allow for horse riders to access the reserve without impacting on the Whangamata Stream walking Trail.  This designated horse-riding trail between Lisland Dr and Whangamata Rd follows the upstream (Western boundary) left-hand side of the Reserve and is the only designated horse exercise area in Kinloch. We ask that horses are only ridden on this track, and not elsewhere around the settlement.

We are also asking horse owners to refrain from accessing Lake Taupō via any Public Conservation Land or TDC Reserves to walk or swim horses in Lake Taupō, in order to protect our waterways from damage. DOC, TDC and the KCA ask that all horse riders respect these boundaries for all equine activities to keep the community safe, and to help keep our streams and the lake healthy into the future.


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