Whangamata Stream Trail

The Whangamata Stream Trail is a beautiful forest walk and bike track that runs 3 km from the lake right up to Whangamata Road, taking in the historic Kinloch waterwheel. You may even see trout hiding under the banks of this clear flowing spawning stream.


Poaching trout in and around Kinloch is prohibited!

Poaching of trout from rivers and streams throughout the Taupo Fishery is an ongoing occurrence, of which the Whangamata and the Otaketake stream are no exception. Although more common through the spawning months (April to Nov), poaching is a year-round problem.

Fishing is prohibited in these two streams all year round. Fly-fishing is allowed at the stream mouth where it enters the lake. Within 200 metres of the white, yellow and black marker pole is designated fly-fishing only. This rule restricts boat and spin fishing anglers entering that area.

The Taupo Fishery Management team spend considerable time and effort across all the Taupo Fishery rivers and streams. Visiting sites on a regular basis, both covertly and openly. Kinloch is a regular site where compliance is undertaken.

We do have limitations, however, so we are seeking the support of the community at Kinloch to assist in providing information. What we advise the community of Kinloch to do is avoid directly confronting people undertaking the illegal activity and instead contact the Taupo Fishery Duty Officer number- 027 290 7758

This is a 24 hour/7 day a week service and connects directly to a Taupo Fishery Ranger here in the Taupo Fishery district. The role of the Taupo Fishery Ranger is to collate as much information as possible and if circumstance allows, undertake an immediate response.

Trout poaching is a common problem-If you see a person or people fishing where they shouldn’t be or taking trout using an illegal method, please call-Taupo Fishery Duty Officer number- 027 290 7758

Information that is useful to provide-

  • Description of the person(s) clothing, age estimate, ethnicity, sex and any defining details
  • Type of activity- fishing on the stream, using nets or other implements, taking fish by hand
  • Location, date and time
  • The person(s) identity, if known
  • A vehicle description and registration
  • Any photos- where there is no risk to the person taking the photo
  • Timely accurate information

Things or items to also be on the look-out for-

  • Nets whether in the stream or hidden on the stream bank. Gaff hooks, modified pitchforks, butchery or filleting knives, sharpened or modified screwdrivers, fishing spears
  • Trout remains on the banks such as fish roe (eggs), fish guts and gills, trout fish heads and frames
  • Fishing nylon and fishhooks or lures on the stream bank or hanging in trees

If you find items like these, please call Taupo Fishery Duty Officer number- 027 290 7758

Nga mihi,
Nina Manning
Senior Community Ranger

Waikato Regional Council has kindly given us 3 years of funding through there Environmental Initiatives Fund along with local sponsors Seven Oaks.
We have used some of the funds for the clearing and planting of the beeches at Lynley’s bridge at the north end of the Whangamata Stream Trail. The rest will be used for the riparian planting along the stream edge near Lynley’s bridge at the north end of the Whangamata Stream Trail.

Before clearing and after clearing

Whangamata Stream Trail Volunteers

Beach trees to plant


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