Kinloch Community Association

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The Kinloch Community Association (KCA) has a volunteer committee that works to help connect Kinloch’s community and communicate what’s happening in Kinloch.

Did you know that the KCA:

• Maintains the Whangamata Stream Track

• Provides and maintains the security cameras

• Manage & maintains the Pontoon

• Initiated the establishment of the Emergency Response vehicle and annually contributes towards its upkeep.

• Manages volunteer events such as the Triathlon, Off-Road Challenge and Ultra Marathon

• Publishes the Whatsup in Kinloch email newsletter

During 2017 a Kinloch Community Plan was developed by the KCA. One of the key priorities identified was representation at council level - this directly led to the formation of the Kinloch Representative Group (KRG) in Dec 2017. The KRG is a TDC Committee of Council that works to develop our relationship with the TDC and is comprised of 3 Community Reps, 3 Councillors and the Mayor.

In 2019 the KCA will continue the Community Plan work, represented by the projects listed on the reverse of this flyer. If you would like to get involved in any of these projects or our fabulous events please contact the team member responsible directly or email

2023/2024 Committee

President: Tim Brittain
Vice President: Ross McConnon
Secretary: Benedict Ryan
Treasurer: Nick Hume
Committee Members: Wendy Alexander, Karen Burling, Martyn Coe, Robert Hutton, Elwyn McGoram, Ron McPhail.

Join the KCA

Please fill out the form below and pay via direct credit to the following bank account: Kinloch Community Association Inc, Westpac Taupo Branch 03 0430 0247484 00. Make sure you include reference of your surname.

Family Membership $30/ Individual membership $20
Thank you for your continued support.

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Message Sent.

2023/24 Meeting Minutes


Survey Results

Submission to the Taupo District Council on the 2024- 2034 Long-Term Plan by the Kinloch Community Association

Responses from TDC Draft Long Term Plan Survey by the Kinloch Community Association

Final 28 June 2024


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